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Honduras Mission Trip- January, 2013

February 4, 2016 - 10:45am
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Honduras Mission Trip- January, 2013


     Ten members of our parish travelled to Texiguat, Honduras from January 29- February 5, 2013. The travelers included:  Fr Paul Koetter, Chris Brokaw, John and Kathy Evans, Larry and Marty Heil, Doris Daves, Terie Schaeffer, Gladys Tarter.  We visit the communities:  Borbollon, Santa Lucia, Chaperna and Texiguat.  We also spent two days in Tegucigalpa at the archdiocesan seminary in preparation for the mass on the Feast of Our Lady of Suyapa.       


     Because we knew we would be travelling to Tegucigalpa we had only three days of eye clinics in Borbollon, Santa Lucia and Chaperna.  These were small and remote aldeas. At the end of our stay in Texiguat we had our traditional despedida (farewell party) before leaving for Tegucigalpa the next day. We were very surprised and delighted to receive a gist of an original painting be a local artist, Eliseo López, depicting St. Francis, the Holy Spirit dove and the two church buildings of San Francisco de Asís and Holy Spirit parish.  Due to its size we had to make special arrangements to ship it back to Indianapolis through FedEx when we arrived in Tegucigalpa.


     From Tegucigalpa, we made a day trip to the towns of Valle de Angeles and Cantarranas for shopping and enjoying the scenic beauty of this area.  We stayed two days in a retreat center across from the seminary where our friend Luis Humberto Escalante is a student.  The night before the huge Suyapa mass, we went to the basilica for a musical concert with famous Honduran entertainers.  We were all tired after a long day, but this was a special tradition that is televised throughout the country in anticipation of the Feast for their patroness, Our Lady of Suyapa. Tens of thousands lined the area.  Many camped out the night before the mass, to hopefully be able to attend the mass the next day. At the Suyapa mass, we permitted special admittance.  In attendance were many bishops, Cardinal Rodriguez and even the President of Honduras to celebrate this holy day.  Father Paul was allowed to concelebrate the mass with dozens of local priests.  The following day were granted a visit with Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez. He speaks 7 or 8 different languages, so we had a nice conversation.  He thanked our parish for helping San Francisco de Asís parish and prayed that more American parishes will form twinning relationships with the many poor parishes in Honduras. What an honor to meet with such a delightful man.


    On the last evening, we presented Padre Juan Pablo and Douglas with a large golden monstrance that Father Chris had purchased while he was in Guatemala at a Spanish Immersion school the previous October.  They were thoroughly delighted to receive this gift for their parish.