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Honduras Mission Trip- January, 2014

February 7, 2016 - 12:30pm
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Honduras Mission Trip- January, 2014


A small group of 9 people traveled to Texiguat from January 20-27, 2014. The travelers were Fr Paul Koetter, Chris Brokaw, John Evans, Br Moises Gutierrez, Judy Johns, Becky Sage, Kathy Perron, Carol & Jim Shaver. Kathy Evans had planned to go, but had to have hip surgery and made this sometimes rigorous trip impossible.

The main activities were to visit the sick and elderly in the poor villages at a distance from Texiguat and to teach English classes for grade school and secondary students.  These villages were in very remote areas and made reaching these people difficult to get to even on foot. P. Juan Pablo even commented that he seldom able to visit some of these people when he visited the nearby small villages for mass in their chapel.  The people in the villages put on programs after lunch to entertain our group.  This was followed by a holy hour of adoration service.

Four of our group stayed behind in Texiguat to teach English to students in the school.  School was not in session so it was a group of 20 children on the first day to nearly forty by the third day (word got around).  Brother Moises helped the last two days due to an ankle injury that prevented him from visiting the sick in the villages.  His experience as a teacher and fluency in both Spanish and English made the classes fun and educational.  About 15 secondary school students from the surrounding villages, who live in the Internado dormitory on the hill at the entrance to town, took English class in the afternoon. These young men go to school in Texiguat because their villages do not have secondary schools. They are preparing to hopefully go to college in Tegucigalpa someday if they can get scholarships.

As dental care was a need identified for the community, basic dental hygiene lessons and distribution of brushes and toothpaste was conducted during these classes.  Toothbrushes and toothpaste were distributed at the farewell celebration as well.

The communities visited this week included:  San Jose, Travesia, Chaperna, Santa Lucia, Plan Grande, Hachero and Jobal

On Friday, we had a leisurely day of travelling to the community of Plan Grande.  This was at a higher elevation that was very breezy and cool.  However, the different climate there does permit the people to grow a wider variety of fruit and vegetables.  We enjoyed a hike in the area and met a farmer who volunteered his horse to be used by some of the women in our group for recreation and to help navigate the steep hills.  We then enjoyed a picnic lunch and were amazed by the beautiful vistas in this area.

On Saturday the two committees meet in the morning to share experiences and discuss improvements in our relationship.  We then enjoyed lunch together with our committees at one of our host's home.  This was followed by lively dancing together. Some even enjoyed riding on motorcycles on the main street of Texiguat.  After this fiesta, we went to the school and enjoyed volleyball and soccer together.