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Honduras Mission Trip June, 2014

February 8, 2016 - 2:00pm

Honduras Mission Trip- June 2014

Thirteen  travelers journeyed to Texiguat, HN on June 14-21, 2014.  The travelers were Fr Juan Valdes, Chris & Mattie Brokaw, John & Kathy Evans, Loema & Gabby Salgado, Jim Bowman, Kim & Fred Melton, John Brokaw, Monica Hill and Candy Miralrio.

We visited the following communities:  Ciruelo, Yauyupe, Santa Lucia, Cagualagua, Cunaire, Tierra Nueva, Recodo , Texiguat and Rio Chiquito.

We again held three days of eye clinics in Texiguat, Cagualagua and Santa Lucia.  Some of our groups stayed in Texiguat and taught English in the school in Texiguat. 

On Wednesday, we took a day trip to Aurora Park near Tegucigalpa.  There we visited a small zoo, went swimming, took a hike in the woods and played on the playground equipment with our friends from Texiguat.  Before leaving, several of our group played a spirited match of fútbol (soccer). 

On Thursday, we split into 4 groups and visited the sick and elderly in villages surrounding Texiguat. This was a very moving experience for everyone as Fr Juan and P. Juan Pablo anointed the sick and we shared the Eucharistic some of the poorest people in the community.

On Friday, we had a meeting in the morning with the twinning committee in which we shared experience, sang and then taught each other basic English and Spanish.  In the evening, we held a great celebration for the wedding of Praxedes Sanchez and Tania Perez.  This couple first started dating at the time of our first visit in January, 2011.  They both have served on their twinning committee throughout this time. The wedding and reception were fairly similar to an American catholic wedding.   A tradition that was different was a white rope joining the couple.  This symbolized not only their union, but the union of their families to support them.  The reception in the mayor's reception hall was a grand time; with eating, drinking, dancing, opening of gifts and many wedding traditions as inthe U.S.. Many family and friends from the community were in attendace.  This was a more elaborate wedding than normal as the families are not impoverished like many that we had seen that week.  Quite a contrast.  Another sacrament celebrated together.